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Our Story

Since 1987, Hammons Roofing has taken pride in serving our community, shingle by shingle. Our reputable family business is here to ensure our customers that every expectation will be met with extraordinary service and outstanding workmanship. We walk our clients through our unique step-by step process making sure that we understand every detail before beginning to repair your home. The customers we serve are the most valuable part to our company, and we show our appreciation by providing some of the most supreme roofing and repairs in the Midwest.


At Hammons Roofing, we are certified and licensed, pride ourselves on putting our customers and employees safety at the forefront of our minds. That is why we can always ensure a safe work environment by taking the smartest precautionary steps possible. We value your home just as much as you do and will make sure each job is done correctly and up to your standards. Not only will we do an excellent job on the project itself, but our cleanup skills are a mastered trade of its own. Homeowners can count on us to leave a finished product that includes NO trash, nails, or scraps lying around. 


Hammons Roofing has been serving the Warrensburg area for over 30 years and has gained an outstanding reputation by taking care of our clients and serving their unique needs. It is our hope that YOU can be next to experience this superior company and be another delighted customer. 

Our Mission

At Hammons Roofing, we are here to provide the best experience for our customers using the the highest quality products, the most reliable service, and the best employees in the business.

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